Several issues with SC 2 Pro

Hi, i just got my simucube 2 pro R2 today and am facing several issues.

In true drive software:

  • i cant type any value at (steering range) once i click in the box the curser disappear. I can only change it with the arrows (up and down)

  • the (bumpstop feel) doesn’t work at all, for example i set the value at 210 degrees, it keeps on turning and it makes a weird sound, also a small click only at 210 degrees, if I change the value of, the sound will only occur on that degree. The led turns green at that point.

  • the wireless is not working, it doesn’t scan and its not showing me and devices.

In Assetto corsa:

As soon as I move the car, the steering wheel keeps on vibrating.

Shall i contact the reseller who i bought the SC2 from for a replacement? It seems that i have a faulty unit

Not sure about the other issues …but the first issue about cursor moving …you need to open the app full screen then you can change things

I recall having wireless wheel connectivity issues when I first got my wheel but it was due to confusion on my part.

Make sure the wheel transmitter is powered up: I turn on a switch and, if it has gone to sleep, then I hold the paddles for 1sec to wake it up.

Somebody from GD should help you soon.

Keep playing around it’s less likely it’s totally broken then just being new and not used to getting it running.

I’ve gone back to 2020.10 as it seems to be the most stable. I think I’m going to stay on that version until something major comes out

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