Setting up Clutch on new Simcube Wheel STD-96

I have played around and just cant wrap my brain around how to change the bite point for my dual clutch .Even read the PDF but as thats 2021 it didnt help. In iRacing the left clutch is 100% and the right clutch is 50% but its not strong enough and I want it at 60% ( or higher ) but how do you change that ? Or is it a setting in iRacing that needs changing.?

don‘t have any SC wheel …but would expect all are similar.

As your wheel has two 7 way sticks like the one from Ascher racing you can try to follow their instructions from …

Wheel manufacturers can configure the procedure on how to enter the clutch bitepoint setup mode. It can be a button, encoder button, or by pressing two buttons / encoders at the same time.

It would be best to get information from Sim-Core regarding the STD-96 wheel.

The documentation from Simcore is disappointing( but he is working hard to get the wheels out ) but I think it may be be the top out side buttons plus the encoders, Also the lack of documentation on how to setup a dual clutch system using Truedrive is disappointing …PDF from 2021 which is before the new batch of boards came out is also disappointing. Anyway, am waiting for full details from another owner who is visiting Simcore today

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For generic instruction on double clutch mapping and deadzones setup in TD you can follow Ascher’s instruction linked above.
For bite point adjustment you need to inquiry Simcore as it’s most likely different from the procedure F64v3 is using.