Servo motor encoder compatibillity

Does anyone have this, or similar, motors from XINJE : MS-130ST-M15015B-22P3

I’m wondering if they are compatible with 10 000/40 000 encoder in case upgrade needs to be done in the future. You would expect manufacturers to standardize encoder mounts to 80, 110, 130 sizes but who knows right?
Motor is not bought yet, but it is available from a local reseller for 380 euro with cables and comes with 2500/10000 encoder and a year warranty.

I very much suspect it is a standard MiGe-style servo or equivalent, which all had the same mounting-styles for the older incremental encoders.

Anyway, it should be simple to make an adapter to almost any of the encoders we used in the old OSW days, i.e incremental encoders on Argon and Ionicube, then SinCos and BiSS encoders on the Simucube once the GD Simucube FW supported that.

The most important part is to make sure it will fit onto the servo-shaft though, as that can be tricky if you have to make an adapter for that part. But for the flange, sure, not difficult at all.


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Thx Beano!

If anyone has exact back shaft dimensions from Large or Small Mige we can compare them. The more motors in database the merrier :slight_smile:

The shaft on the back of a Mige is tapered. So the inside of the encoder is also tapered.

I don’t have the specs handy, but I can look for it later if you like.

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Sure, thx!

Still haven’t bought the motor, will post dimensions if I do.

If you have not bought the motor I would buy a small Mige with BISS C encoder.
It really is a very good motor and well suited to Simracing.

Unfortunately biss-c is incompatible with my homemade driver. If it was I’d 100% take biss.
Also really afraid of customs and duties from importing a motor plus there’s a warranty from someone local.

Objectively Small Mige is indeed overall better solution than Large Mige. I’ll be going with Large because it has much lower winding resistance. It will be interesting to see how motor slew rate and feeling will be affected going e.g. from 12 to 48 V.

Plus Large Mige breaks more hands, it’s a no brainer! :grin:

Where do you live Nik?

You are going to have problems getting any meaningful torque from a large mige at 12v, so I would advise using it at 48V where you can get ~27nm max from it. It is voltage-limited, even at 48V, so 12v would be a waste of time.

Eastern Europe, Serbia!

Yea agree on 12V not being usable. It’s a journey for me that experts like you and many others already went through here.

Turns out Mige produces that Xinje motor. And they were not sure if their biss c can fit it.
In the future there might be an upgrade in case I’m feeling adventurous. Shipping cost is through the roof now. They also sell encoders without servo motors.
Will be buying one motor locally and see how it holds up!