Screws for Simucube mount - That orange and black thing

Just received one, I’m messing with my rig at the moment and needed this particular mount.

Unfortunately it arrived missing the 4 smaller screws/bolts to attach the lower orange part to the black upper part - all the other lager bolts are there.

No biggie, and really not worth bothering the reseller about. I just need to know exactly what the screws are.

If I was a guessing man I’d say M4 10mm, but I’d like to be sure before I march off down to the hardware store.



My name is Jenna and I’m a Support Specialist here at Simucube. It seems that the bolts you are missing are M5 button head screws.

If you wish, we can of course arrange the missing parts to you with your re-seller. In this case, kindly send us an e-mail to

Have a good one!

Thanks Jenna,

So M5 - what length, or nevermind, looking at it 10mm would easily be correct.

If you were to replace the missing screws, you’d need to first send them to the reseller in Slovakia, and then the reseller would need to send them to me Switzerland - that’s a lot of travelling and effort for 4 screws, especially when I can get them when I go out this afternoon.

So, don’t worry about - I just needed to know the size.

Thanks again.