Screw size for encoder cover 10 000 k

Changed my encoder from 5000 ppr to a 10 000 ppr encoder and the cover is smaller than my origanal one there are 4x holes closer in that line up with holes in cover but the hole is smaller than my 4x screws from 5k encoder cover .can somone tell me what size screw or bolt fits the smaller cover screw holes .thanks for any help

The gold coloured clip was soldered to the black wire on my old encoder is all encoders the same would like to swap over covers as my 10 000 ppr one has smaller cover than my 5000 ppr and screw holes dont match my old encoder holes there are others it lines up with but thread is smaller not sure what size to get to fit other holes

Interesting. I wonder if your motor is a slightly different model number, a very early batch from Mige, or something.

Ill check numbers see if i can find any info think its a ben darley build if thats any help small mige simucube

I remember having had to remove the plug as you did above, on my early mige some years ago. Remember to solder the gold circlip back, as it provides gnd for that encoder wire encoder to the servo housing…I just used the insert from the 10k encoder, but the external housing from the old encoder…


Thanks buddy might send it to an electrician to do it as i dont want to wreak my new one and dont think i could do it and not stuff it up .but just what i needed to find out thanks heaps Beano champion

Ha cheers Wayne, you’re welcome, Bud :wink: