SC2Pro - Steering wheel harder in normal mode than in high torque

Sometimes happened to me that I turn on the SC2 (Pro) and I feel the wheel is hard. If I try to use the iRacing wheel at that moment, it seems that some effects are missing, even if I enable the high torque. When that happened, I turn it off, turn it on again, then I notice the light wheel, at that moment I would activate the high torque and everything was again fine. But today I turn it on after a week without using it, and I always feel it hard when I start, power off, start again and I feel it hard. If I enable the high torque it gets softer but I get the feeling that it doesn’t feel the same in iRacing. What could be happening?

I recorded this video, I hope you can see that to move the wheel in normal mode I have to do much more force than in high torque mode. The profile that I have put is the basic iracing profile loaded with the default options.

that’s how it is supposed to be. high torque doesn’t mean “harder to turn the wheel”. normal mode is harder just because overdampened.

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Correct, normal behaviour :wink:

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Okay, so I don’t know how I thought it would go smoother in normal mode. Thanks for the answers :wink:

Maybe I didn’t move the wheel in normal mode, I always go to high torque. But if I tell you that sometimes I go into iRacing and I notice the FBB is bad, I turn SC2 off, turn it on and it’s all OK, that’s it, it happens to me sometimes.

If you do a power RESET, you are reloading the Default profile and reactivating low torque mode