SC2Pro firmware Update question

Hi Everyone! The firmware of My simucube2pro R1 wheelbase Is 2020.10 now. The latest version is 2021.11(coming
up soon ). Can I just install the newest firmware directly from 2010.10 to 2021.11 with jumping the firmware version? Is it will be a problem with this method? Or Do I need to install every update one by one? Which Is better?Thanks everyone

You can jump directly to 2021.11. No need to worry. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that 2021.11 will be Paddock only, if that’s a concern, 2021.9 is the latest with Classic supported.


Sorry. Based on the latest version this is the text when you start it.
If you did not update to 2021.7 or 2021.9 release or are not using True Drive Paddock previosly, please update to 2021.9 release and migrate your Classic profiles to Paddock before updating to this firmware release.


Ok, I see. Thanks mate!