SC2 with Cube Formula Pro USB - any additional components required?

I’m planning to buy a SC2 shortly - most likely with the Cube Formula Pro USB…

I don’t need a QR as this will be my only wheel.

Between the adapters that come with Cube and SC2, will I need anything else to mount the wheel to the base?

you do need the sc2 qr, cube controls like any other wheels just have the standard 70mm pattern, so you can’t mount the wheel to the base without at least the sc2 qr

Ok, thanks.

The first-choice (for me) supplier in the UK does say “ The base is supplied with the Simucube quick release adaptor for use with 50.8mm and 70mm PCD steering wheels and is also equipped with Simucube wireless wheel support.”. …so I should be good to go?

Yes, mount the qr on the back of the wheel and you should be good, only thing just to be sure check if you don’t need an adapter made for cube control wheels

Good shout.

A quick google found this statement on the CubeControls site:

Simucube 1 and Simucube 2: No adapter needed

[](http://Link - CubeControls universal hub)

Good to go, I guess :smiley: