SC2 Wheel Side QR alternative

Just wanted to give a bit of a heads up about a new product i have just launched and why.

I sincerely hope Granite don’t mind me posting it here, my desire is to add choice and customer satisfaction not to criticise.

The SC2 wheel base used to come with a wheel side QR included. In September 2021 they stopped doing this, so you get the base side but no wheel side as standard. Not sure I agree with this as it does feel like a bit of a covert price rise.

Now the wheel side QR that they offer for the SC2 is both bulky and expensive. So I set out to make my own version of the wheel side that is simple and much more cost effective. My main driving force is to have something easier to fit to my conversion kits and wheels.

Glad to say that it’s here now and following some testing, I can confirm that it’s working beautifully. Basically it removes the need for all the adapter parts and just gives you the QR part with 70mm mounting holes for your wheel :sunglasses:

Have to say i’m really please with it.

Here is the product. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is now an alternative to the official part.

Sim Racing Machines. SRM Wheel Side QR for SC2



Nice looking product.

I can comment on the price rise: Price of electrical components has risen during the last year (component shortage), but also the cost of raw materials such as aluminium and copper have come up, so there was a need to do something. At the same time as we removed the wheel-side QR parts from the shipping package, we made a better deal for wheel manufacturers to include it directly in the wheel instead, so for majority we expect that the wheel side parts in the shipping box will be redundant. It does not fit into our company values to ship components that customers do not need.

Not to mention shipping of components - prices have come up 500% there…

I think using just this part on many wheels does not offer enough spacing for the QR pin to fit over the paddle shifters, that is why the official one consists of many parts.


Great work yet again, Simon. Looks like it will be a great, low cost alternative for many, depending on their setup.

As Mika alluded to, there might be some space constraints for some, me included. I just took a glance at my wheel and I don’t think there would be much space for the locking pin in and around the shifters. I suppose you could rotate the wheel 90 degrees and have the pin go in from top to bottom though.

Pin in vertical orientation is not recommended. While the SQR is very sturdy, it is good to have most of the forces vertically against the dovetail to kind of “push it in” in the very beginning of a driving session. Vertical pin would cause some forces to go against the pin & ball plunger springs which could cause slight play when driving.


Thanks for mentioning that, Mika. I had never given the locking pin orientation any thought until now but it makes a lot of sense.

Edit: If you mounted Simon’s QR with a offset of 90 degrees to the one in my picture, you would then rotate the base by the same amount and the mechanical setup stays exactly the same? All you would have to do is reset the wheel centre in TD if I have that correct.

It would mean you have to remove/reattach rims by pulling them sideways but apart from that I can’t see an issue?

I fully agree that a lot of wheels will still need a spacer.

Again I refer to my main reason for the QR is for my Fanatec conversions, where there is already 45mm of spacer to cover the Fanatec parts… so this is perfect on its own for my conversions


Here are a couple of ways that I use the QR. The first is one of my wheels which can be either USB or with the SC2 wireless. Here I use a 25mm spacer, and in this case there is no real advantage over the official product

Where the QR is far more valuable is on Fanatec wheel conversions where the conversion has quite a log of height. Here is the McLaren wheel, but its the same on the Formula V2, 2.5x, 2.5 and F1 wheels.


Ahh it is perfect for the Fanatec conversions. :wink:

I just got one of these for my 2nd wheel, really good product.

Simucube 2 QR