Sc2 Ultimate wireless conection

Hi guys,
I have a problem connecting my Sc2 to my Cube Gt Pro.
You can see the problem in the video.

My Sc2 version don’t have antena.

Can you help me?

You could try out this modification and see if an increase in signal strength helps.

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Thank you Paul, i will try it.

The problem remains with the 24cm of speakers cable.
It made no difference at the level of signal strength.

I put the steering wheel right next to the Sc2’s antenna and got signal strength of 85%. But even with this 85%, the problem remains, connects and disconnects.

Sorry that didn’t help out.

I was going to suggest that you try re routing the internal antenna inside the Cube button box but that may only help slightly with the signal strength. I don’t think it would cure the connect/disconnect issue you have though so probably best to wait for some better suggestions from GD.

Hopefully a fix can be found for you.

Edit: I wonder if you have any other wireless devices attached that could be causing interference with the rim and base, such as a wireless 2.4 ghz wifi/mouse/keyboard dongle etc?

If you do, maybe you could try disconnecting them to see if it makes any difference?

Thanks anyway.
The only thing I have connected with wireless is the Pc. And I’ve even tried turning off the wifi, nothing has changed.
Is there anything on the PC that can interrupt the connection?

You could try changing the channel your Wi-Fi router is using, as this maybe interfering with the wheels signal.

Make a note of what channel its currently on, then choose a different channel to use.

You might find it useful to use a Wi-Fi scanner app on your phone to see which channel is currently being used by your router, and to also se which channels are less crowded.

Failing that, try turning off other electrical devices that are close by that might be causing interference.

See this website for further details on Wi-Fi interference.

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