SC2 Ultimate, small button on E-Stop?

Didn’t find it in the manual.

Whats the small button on the Premium E-stop that comes with the SC2 Ultimate?

It is a remote power on/off button.

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@Mika talking about that, would be possible someday to have the “premium” estop available to purchase separately also for sport/pro owners? thank you

Yes, it will be. But I’m not knowledgeable why it still is not possible to buy it, and I do not know if any resellers have stocked them yet.

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very cool - so this is just another option to cut all power off quickly, I think the ultimate doesn’t have a on/off switch in the back. but I’ll find out tomorrow. Mine Cleared NY customs today so I should have it tomorrow.

Ultimate does not have a power switch on the back of the unit, so that button next to e-stop is the only power switch. On Pro/Sport it works in parallel with the power switch on the back of the motor.


I found it to be no problem reaching the on/off switch on my Pro, unlike previously expected. I personally don’t see the need for the “premium” e-stop on either the pro or the sport.