SC2 Ultimate FFB Problem and 180° installation

I switched from the Pro to the Ultimate.

I have 3 questions.

I installed the Ultimate rotated by 180°. I had to do that because of the cable on the back.

Can I do this with no problems?

I now have the problem when driving in iRacing that the FFB works well, but when I steer into a corner most of the effects are gone.

Is there a specific setting?

Is there a site or forum somewhere where I can look for FFB profiles (other than True Drive)

Many Thanks

You can install the base and then reset the center to any rotation you want or need.

Have you tried googling for settings? Anyway I would start from iRacing forums, or other general simracing communities, discord servers etc. Or even here where there is many profiles shared in iRacing specific threads.

Best way would be to figuring out how the settings affect the forces and start tweaking the wheel for your liking.

Many thanks for the answer.
The profiles I have are all very good. The only problem is that when I drive into a curve, effects such as bumps on the road disappear.

So not very good though,

Try activating “Torque Clipping Notifications” on TD Hardware settings and if you hear a BEEP BEEP then the Game are sending 100% constant force to SC2 and the Signal is clipping, lset a lower value on ingame FFb

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With your help I was able to solve the problem. I actually overlooked the fact that the torque was not activated. I had normal FFB and therefore I hadn’t looked at it at all. Now everything works and I’m happy again :slight_smile:

Let’s see if I notice a difference between the Pro and the Ultimate.

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