SC2 Ultimate 6 Pin Power Cable?

Picked up a Simucube 2 Ultimate last week, spent the weekend working on my rig and getting it set up only to realize that the 6 pin power cable (from the power supply to the back of the DD unit) is missing from the packaging. :frowning:

I’ve e-mailed my reseller but have heard nothing yet, I am wondering if anyone can suggest a cable I can order to use?

I ordered this from Digikey to run on my Ultimate:


This is super helpful - Thanks Beano!

Cheers Mate, let’s get you up and running :slight_smile:

Is it the same pin layout as SC2 Pro?
I see it’s 2m long, can we use this with SC2 Pro instead of those GPU extenders, stock cables are just way too short?
Thanks Beano.

The Ultimate cable is not an extender cable which would be required for Sport and Pro.

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