SC2 Sport wont power on

I got sick a while ago and am just getting back in the groove of things after a few weeks wanted to do some sim racing but when i tried to turn on my wheel today I am getting no indication of power (no lights, no sound) on the wheel. The power brick light is on and seems to be functioning.

Things I have tried:

  • Unplugging and replugging all connections
  • Plugging power brick directly into wall (instead of through a surge protector)
  • Plugging power brick directly into another outlet

Anything else I could do to try to resolve this?

I would doublecheck USB connection. SC2 requires live USB connection to power ON.

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Perfect, I think that was it! I think my USB extension died somehow and when using another it turns on!

Thanks so much!


I’ve come across the same issue with my week-old SC2 sport but it wasn’t fixed with a new USB cable - does anyone have any other ideas while I wait to hear back from support?

Have you try plugging it into a different PC?

It is my understanding that the SC2 models will not even power up unless you have USB connection.

I don’t have a different PC to test with besides a macbook pro, but plugging it into that yielded the same results.

Sorry I do not know what else to try.
Hopefully your reseller contacts you soon!

They did and told me to contact Granite. Still waiting to hear back from their support.

Process is for the distributor to contact us, not the end customer. However we try to answer most of support emails that we get.

Did you already try with other usb ports / usb hub and other PC?

Yes I tried it with multiple USB ports and with a brand new USB cable as well.

I guess I will get in contact with my reseller again and let them know to contact you - they told me they were not 100% clear on how warranty/RMA claims were to be handled.

We are involved. We instructed the customer to interface with GD on their instructions since the customer contacted both us and GD. We did not state we were not clear. It was out of respect to GD and the customer since the customer contacted GD as well to determine feedback from GD on how they wanted to proceed in this particular case.

The customer was instructed as well to test the device on a second PC to determine if the Host PC is the issue or it is the device. Customer was also advised to test and check the PSU and outlet for power and proper operation. Testing will provide more information to the customer and GD on what is occurring.

DSD is on standby for when more facts and direction materialized. It’s my opinion that if the device is not powering on, and the outlet has power and there are proper power connections made to the PSU, that the PSU may be the first place to look for the cause.

For posterity, here is the PSU and a source in the US for it: