Sc2 sport wheel for drift

Hi I’m new and just got an sc2 sport, but I was looking at either of these rims for drifting as not too expensive

Or this cos I like the blue

I have a spare qr that came with the sale, can I just pop the wheel on and use if purely as a wheel to turn ie no need for usb etc as no buttons I only want it as a wheel for ac and will maybe look at a button plate later. I just want to make sure it will work and is it a good choice of rim if anyone else drifts? Cheers

You can run a bare wheel, no issue. Just add a sequential shifter and handbrake, whatever else you need, directly connected to your PC, and you’re good to go.

SC2 can function to fullest capacity without any peripherals connected, no hassles.

Spot on sir many thanks for quick response

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If you are looking for TD settings you can try these if you like

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I got the wheel, works great no issues, prob gonna order the sg combo shifter/handbrake soon.

I tried these and a few other online profiles and messed around with content manager settings in game. Haven’t found a setting I like yet, but I’m not very good at drifting either haha it’s a lot of fun and a nice alternative to racing all the time. Can do some long donuts and a few tight ones. It’s weird using the right foot again to brake even tho I do it everyday irl. Crazy how the brain works. Need to find a nice wheel settings and stick with it, I have a tendency to get lost in settings rather than driving as was the case with vr before I bought an ultra wide. However at least for ac I can return to vr and it’s awesome.