SC2 Sport - Very annoying vibrations felt in the steering wheel

I ride on RF2, the first lap of the circuit no vibration, but I do not drive fully … I heat up.
The next lap the vibrations arrive and it becomes very annoying to drive 1 hour and more in this way.

I specify that my flying support does not move 'and is perfectly fixed.

With my fanatec CSW 2.5 I never had this problem!

here are my settings.

try using some damping.

Your csw 2.5 is wholly and fully incapable to reproduce the ffb to the level that the SC2 can.

Please go and read the user-manual to get an understanding about the different filters, alternatively, use the search here to get some basic profiles.

With what you are currently running, it is no surprise you are complaining about excessive vibrations. A bit of friction, damping, inertia and recon filter goes a long way to get you towards the panacea.

thank you, Indeed I finally agree to add 5 and 10% of damping, and now the vibrations are just as I want: a little but not disturbing.

Maybe also add reconstruction filter, experiment with settings between 1-8, higher number is smoother ffb. Maybe you find something there you like.

You can do Damping 10%, Friction 5%, Inertia 5%, Recon Filter 3, see if that could be a good baseline for you.

Also you could try to add in-game smoothing of 3 or more.

If there were no vibrations on the first lap, have you flat spotted your tires?

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That is a good point, rFactor2 has flat spot simulation these days. Maybe the amount of flat spot vibration can be changed somewhere in the files? Does someone know?

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I found my settings to suit me 100%
felt maximum but without pain or fatigue and driving is great with this SC2 sport, the finesse, the precision is much higher than my fanatec CSW 2.5.


With these settings, there is a bit of vibration in the steering wheel, and if I add gloves, it saves me from going up a little + the parameter values and I get a feeling that seems very realistic to me.
Merci à granite device.

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Good, glad you found settings that meets your expectations. Enjoy your wheel :wink:


Nope! Its part of the tyre modelling. The only way to fix it is to reduce overall FFB strength. Or setting the steering torque sensitivity to a lower value (<1.0) which should help reduce flatspot vibration on straights.

Worst case scenario you can turn tyre wear off but that’s not always possible on MP servers.

I recently experienced this at Silverstone and was blown away by how pronounced the effect is. I had to come into the pits and change the tyre same lap.

Rfactor2 is very special indeed :blush: