SC2 Sport strange issue

Hello all!
I’ll go straight to the issue that I found lately while driving. No matter the Sim, I always find this problem.I hope to be very clear, because it’s hard to explain.

To explain better, I will use the following example:

  • I’m driving and next Turn is on the RIGHT side

  • So i rotate the Steering wheel to the Right so i can steer the car to the right

  • I passed that specific Turn and next turn is on LEFT side

  • (ISSUE) I’m starting to rotate the steering wheel from RIGHT TO LEFT, but, as soon as the steering wheel passes the CENTER and start to rotate to the Left side, I feel a little “Click”. Like if I’m hitting a bump or similar.

It ONLY happens on that example and ONLY from RIGHT to LEFT turns.

To be honest I’m not sure that could be an issue. Maybe it’s my Formula Rim that shakes for the High forces or maybe not.

Obviously there is no “Click” if I rotate the Steering Wheel from Right to left while SC base is switched off. So I thought it was an iRacing FFB issue, but it’s not because it happens with all the sims that I tried.

Moreover, it doesn’t happen if I turn the wheel quickly on straight lines.
Again, it ONLY happens from Right turn to left Turn.

I hope I was clear enough to explain this issue.
Maybe it’s a software issue, maybe it’s my Rim, or maybe is my SC Base.


Any more information you can provide?

I would also try to baseline the testing environment, so that you know its not any other environment variable. Maybe use Assetto Corsa, with the suspension test track (look on race department) and double check your finding there. You would want to make sure you can constantly repeat the condition so that others can try it or that you may possible find more information about the issue.


To better explain IS what you are feeling NOT a CLICK but what feels like a quick but distinct loss of tension in the wheel? and is this more noticeable at say a medium transition speed such as entering the Esses at Suzuka as opposed to a Chicane Like the first turn at Monza?

As I think I have an idea of what you are feeling and it is not a “fault” with the wheel if it is what you are saying but something that comes from the interaction of Filters and FFB.

I made some tests and I discovered that it happens even on Straight lines, but I always feel that Click on the Left side of the wheel. I guess that the best thing to do is to change the rim and try with other one.
Thanks guys

I will try that. Thanks :wink: