SC2 Sport potentially damaged


I just bought a second hand but unused simucube 2 sport. It was shipped to me in it’s original package but sadly it was damaged in transportation so the box broke, e-brake is damaged and the base also was hit by something causing at least cosmetic damage. Because of that I’ve been trying to inspect it closely and initially I had a grinding noice which now have disapperad. Could have been that it was cold and now when in room temperature the noise is gone.

My question is this: Is there some way to test and verify that the base unit is OK? So there is no damage to the shaft or internal bearings etc? I’ve started it and first run it was ok, second run was also ok but on my third run I got either clipping or warnings about the driving by those beeping sounds which I found odd because I haven’t changed profile in True Drive.

Hoping for some quick replies because the seller and transport company wants to know what to do.

I doubt any damage caused by the transportation would cause “random” clipping especially if there’s no extra slack with he steering for example or metal to metal scriitching sound. Unless you haven’t already, I would upgrade the firmware/TD to the newest version and then try to drive with as hard/mild FFB as possible to maybe get a feeling if the clipping sound is really valid symptom of something.

But a scientific answer can be only given by Granite, maybe there’s a check procedure that can be run by the end user.

There is really no mechanical procedure that can 100% validate that the wheel base is OK. Electronics are likely not damaged at all if it works as you describe.

Hello again, thank you for your reply.

This is the grinding/chafing sound I was referring to, I tried to film as close as possible to see if it’s uneven but my camera couldn’t focus. Maybe it’s a little but uneven but not sure what the margin is for that?

You might need to adjust the position of the hub - it might be touching the front flange of the motor. It is possible that hard enough hit has caused it to move. Other possibility is that the shaft is bent, but it is less likely. Hard hits such as these might also damage the encoder, but as you already tested it,it is fine.

Here is a service instruction to adjust the hub among other things:


One thing to note is that a grinding sound has been noted with certain versions of the Firmware on some of the units as well so it very well could be normal… It would be very hard to significantly damage one of these servos from even a 6 foot drop but it could happen… The biggest issues would be encoder/electronics damage but as was said it appears to be working there. The other more common possibility would be bearing damage which if significant you should be able to feel as grinding or resistance change when rotating the shaft of the servo with the power OFF. Bearing damage could also manifest in weak or diminishing (changing) feedback during use.