SC2 Sport possible psu problem

hi guys, i was driving when for the 1st time since i got my sc2 sport the wheel not only disconnected but literally shut down by itself. i went checking all connections and it was all okay apart from the power cable that goes from power socket to the psu, which wasn’t perfectly inserted into the psu and because of this it was doing some micro sparks, those typical of any loose power connection.
i replugged it as it should be into the psu and now the sc2 is behaving normal - didn’t disconnected or powered off again, I just had to re-do the center calibration because it was at 360° when i powered the sc2 on again the first time, and also that issue was the 1st time to appear to me - but I feel the overall ffb being somehow less strong than before, with equal settings in any sim I tried so far. it’s like the overall gain has been dampened after this events.
now, in case there is a problem with the psu voltage, does TD gives some kind of error, maybe looking into the events log? is there a chance i somehow bricked the psu because i used the sc2 for around half an hour with the loose connection to power? any advice on how to behave now in relation with the power cycles etc?

The Mean Well PSU’s have a shutdown function whenever there are issues with overload or insufficient input power. It is very unlikely that there would be any damage from a single event such as one you describe.

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thank you Mika. I just re-tried running the sc2 after a couple of hours during which i left the whole system unlugged from power, and now it seems to be back to normal. thanks again (y)