SC2 Sport or Pro?

Hello everyone!
I’m close to buy a Simucube 2. However, i’m still not able to choose one between Sport and Pro.
For me it’s not about the Nms, it’s all about consumption and Sport has only one PSU.
Anyway i heard tha PRO comes with better filters compared to Sport. I heard tha Sport has less filters too.
Is that true?
Is there a proper difference between them?
Kind regards.

only the ultimate has more filter options than the other two, pro and sport have the same settings options and filters. i own a sport, very happy with that.

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From SimracingBay i saw this:

  • Adjustable torque slew rate limit – No
  • Non-linear force saturation – No
  • Super Fine tuning filters — No

Maybe it’s an older info?

It appears to be outdated information from our very first marketing material draft, which was later changed.

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So, do you confirm me that Sport has same PRO’s filters? If i’m correct, both Sport and Pro have Adjustable torque slew rate limit filter. While both Sport and Pro have no “Non-linear force saturation” and "Super Fine tuning filters ".
Am i right?

Correct. The up-to-date specifications are shown on our website.

Thanks for the help.
So the price difference between Sport and PRO is made by the different NMs motor?

The pro is also quicker than the sport

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Could you explain better? What do you mean by quicker? Is something noticeable while racing?

Max Torque Slew Rate 4.8 / 8.0 NM/ms

The power ramps up faster

What about the “old” gen of DD. I currently have the 20nm with Biss C encoder and i love how smooth it is.
Do you know maybe its Max Torque Slew Rate?

It would depend on the motor used, the PSU, and the settings user has in the servo drive.

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Mika, what benefit gives Non-linear force saturation?

it is a gamma filter - lower force details are more pronounced.

Wait a sec. So the Pro is not getting the FFB output linearity adjustment anymore???

Don’t worry about the torque slew-rate. The TSR of the Sport is more than fine at 4.8. I think even at 4.8 DD wheels offer unrealistic and sometimes wrist-hurting output. I am using a Pro and have discovered that using little-to-no damping along with a low TSR (around 1.0 - 3.0) offers a better, more realistic experience. I also get probably even more fidelity due to using little-to-no damping which I can get away with thanks to the TSR + friction + recon filter…

Imagine going 200 km/h is what you need to achieve. If 8.0 TSR = 400 km/h and 4.8 TSR = 380 km/h does it really matter? It’s already way more than enough.

Not only that, but I don’t think it’s as simple as comparing TSR with eachother as the Sport and Pro use different motors. Smaller motors tend to have less inertia (all else being equal) and other different characteristics so it may be difficult to compare apples to apples and a smaller more reactive motor may feel similiar with a lower TSR than a larger motor with a higher TSR.

Honestly, don’t worry about the TSR. Even at TSR 1.0-3.0 I get incredible detail, let alone 4 8. And the 17 or 18 Nm of the Sport is more than enough for 99.9% of people.

Thanks for the explanation mate. Do you think the Sport version could be an upgrade from my previous Biss C Small Mige? I believe that i’ve never went above 13nm with my previous DD so i don’t care about Sport’s peak force. Anyway, there’s another thing that worries me: Sport has a smaller motor compared to my 20nm Small mige, so how does the cooling works? Do the Sport get Hot playing around its maximum force?

From my experience using a large Mige SC1 w/ 10,000 PPR encoder, there’s a decent improvement using the SC2. I don’t know if it’s down to better/more filters, faster processing, better encoder, better motor, a bit of everything or what. So, should you upgrade to the SC2? It all depends on how picky you are with the SC1’s FFB to begin with (I’m not as happy with it as most people seem to be), your financial situation, etc.

I don’t know about cooling. Granity have said they did very hard testing on all 3 motors and weren’t able to get any to downscale power output due to over heating so they seem to all be great with cooling. Also, I could be wrong about this next part but I thought I read somewhere that the SC2 motors are actually rated higher than stated. I thought I read the SC2 Pro’s motor itself is actually rated at 32 Nm (even though 25 Nm is the max it’s been set for SC2 use). If that’s the case, then the SC2 Sport is rated probably 22ish. I could be wrong about that, I’ll try to find where I found that.

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