SC2 Sport Issue

i got my sc2 Sport by few days and sometimes i get this error on the True drive software.
What it could be?

I got this one too last night when I turned it on.

I pressed the e-stop and released it. It went away

Yeah, i know that. I just press it and it goes away.
But as soon as i start the base again, Truedrive will show me the same error.
Don’t know why…

We are working on fixing the few remaining issues. However, there is no hardware problem with the units.

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Thanks Mika.
Anyway, is it fine to switch off the base from the back switch everytime i switch off the PC?

Just try these steps while turning on your base.

  1. Pull out the E-Stop if not allready on this position
  2. Turn On Base -> wait 5 sec
  3. Start True Drive Software

have fun. I never get these crazy errors until I start something in wrong order. We are all using the same units and firmeware (hope so you have the latest?).

turning off the base doesnt matter. But I prefer to also close true drive software If I do so.

Edit: No Problems at all with my SC2 Pro


Hello all, I got my sport two days ago. Today when I started the pc the base started loudly vibrating. Pressing and depressing the stop didnt help. Why is the sport base vibrating like that? Thank you

Typically the motor can vibrate if it is loosely mounted or the QR mounting is not solid enough. The vibration will also disappear when you enable the high torque mode.

Hello Mika, its great to get a quick reply from SC Team. The motor is mounted solidly tight. The vibration is from the motor inside and it disappears when high torque mode is enabled. So this is totally normal and no need to worry? So I should always keep the stop pressed? Thank you for your reply.

It is normal, and is due to the system getting into a resonance frequency due to non-rigid enough mounting either for the wheel base or in the wheel and QR.

Which wheel do you have?

I have a simple omp rally wheel 32cm without any buttons