SC2 Sport Fault ID 0

I am having a problem with a SC2 Sport. When powering on it, in TD it is stuck on "Waiting for device to get ready " and reporting Initialization Fault ID 0.

I have been through the other threads trying various sequences of powering up etc but the fault remains

This unit (bought second hand but only a few months old) had a gash in the base site of the PSU lead which I have repaired, but again the problem remains.

The light on the unit is blue but there is no beep on start-up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


additional info:
Firmware: 1.0.33
Servo Drive Firmware: 108926
Software release: 2021.1

Is this a Revision 1 or Revision 2 unit? Can you paste all device identification information from True Drive (there is a button for that).

Hi Mika, Thank you for getting back to me.

This is an inconsistent problem. The drive will not engage when connected to this PC, the light cycles to blue but there is no signal.

I plugged the usb into my laptop (with TD installed) and it starts up properly, if I then swap the USB to the sim PC it will continue to be recognised and work (seemingly ok). If I switch it off and try to restart the wheel (base) on the sim PC, the same thing happens, as in the drive will not initialize.

Please help!


If this is a revision 1 unit with a rocker on/off switch, please see the documentation at

Thank you Mika, I will check this out but I think there might be a software issue as the wheel will initialize on my laptop but not on the PC.

There is also a change in the resting torque feel (not when in any sim) in the wheel when connected to the PC (there is a slight vibration in the wheel when connected to the PC but not on the laptop). Are there any other drivers that need installing / updating in windows?

Thanks again

Hi Mika,
I repositioned the wires as instructed in the the link you sent and that seems to have sorted the problem. It has cycled up without a problem and and no longer has the grainy feel. So problem seems to be sorted. I presume the pressure on the board from the power wires must cause a disruption somewhere?

Many thanks,


It seems to be some sort of electromagnetic interference on that power button wire, that messes up with the calibration of some measurement signals on the servo drive on device startup. But only if that power button wire is placed in just the “right” (=wrong) way. It is very much possible, that the interference only comes up when the electronics assembly is grounded via the USB to your PC, where as the laptop would not be grounded.

Really interesting! I will let you know if the problem occurs again.

Thank you, this has been super helpful.