SC2 Sport - DD Beginner - Settings

Hello all,

I’ve got a SC2 Sport since a couple of month and I’m very happy with it. My wheel is a AR F-28. I just play iRcing.

As I’m complety newb, I’d like your insight of a behaviour.

In straight, when I remove my hands from the wheel it becomes crazy.
I can’t figure out which option prevents it or is it completly normal ?

For your in sight, my TD options are :

( I stole this settings from a post in this forum)

Could you help me ?

Best regards,

start with setting ultra low latency mode to 0.

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I would reduce the ultra low latency mode to around 10-15 range, it makes the FFB loop most stable for iRacing. Then I would also add a little bit more damping.

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Thanks, I’ll retry tuning this two settings and see if it’s better.

it could also oscilate due to setting the gain setting inside your game.
Why don’t you try the easy mode ? nice video to help you a bit with the settings but it is for the pro model.