SC2 Sport abnormal sounds and vibrations?

I have slight vibrations inside the body of the base as well as a slight rubbing sound when I turn my steering wheel in rapid rotational movements.
I specify that I do not have a shaft extension and these vibrations are felt slightly in my two steering wheels Asher and SRB while rolling during a counter-steering or when passing a fast chicane in all my games ( AC, AC, rf2)
I don’t think this is normal

I can feel these slight vibrations by resting my hand on top of the SC2’s body.
I have this problem as soon as my SC2 is turned on, without even starting TD.
But when the SC2 is switched off the rapid rotation of the steering wheel is smooth and without any noise or vibrations.

I am running TD 2022.7 firmware 1.3.27
Servo drive firmware 10833

Thanks for your help

So I switched to the 2023.2 and it didn’t change anything: no: I still have these slight vibrations when placing my hand on top of the engine and these slight friction noises which appear when quickly turning the steering wheel from left to right.
In any case I noticed that it is linked to the setting in the “other filters” Damping filter because the more I increase it, the more these vibrations and this noise increase and if I pass it to 0, the problem disappears