SC2 Quick Release... Squeaking

I’m getting a squeaking problem that I strongly suspect is somewhere in the wheel side quick release assembly. Between the bolts, nuts, washers somewhere. I did my initial assembly using the youtube video guide here ( ) and have even disassembled and reassembled the quick release in an effort to troubleshoot. I do think it’s related to the nuts and bolts because after a reassembly, I get absolute quiet for a few laps before it starts to squeak again. The sound is a light metal squeak/creak, and it’s not overly loud but very annoying when I’m not using headphones! The squeak is most obvious when I have small wheel forces that go back and forth, say going over rumble strips. They don’t need to be large forces, even small ones but as long as they go left and right in rapid succession it tends to cause squeaking.

My wheel is a genuine OMP Kubic. Button plate is the new BB Ultra from simracingbay. I am using the front and back mounting method, with spacer, as mentioned in the video. I’ve attached some photos of my installation order, I believe I have it correct. I use a criss cross pattern when I tightened everything. Hand tight using the included allen key.

Some questions that may help me:

  • The SQR kit comes with many split-type washers and 8 non split regular washers. What’s the intended difference? I suppose the split washer will apply some tension in the threads and should help retain the bolts better. I am using these split washers along with the long counter-sunk screws and nylock nuts supplied with my BB Ultra button box to secure my wheel to the 70mm adapter.
  • I installed using washers only on the 6 70mm PCD bolts and locking nuts. I did not use washers between the adapter and spacer, or between the spacer and SQR plate. The video did not indicate that it was necessary, I saw them put in the bolts only. I have actually tried it WITH split washers as well but did not make any difference in squeak. Is the correct procedure with or without washers in these two interfaces?
  • Is there a lubricant I can use somewhere in the threads that may help? Maybe some grease? Any other suggestions MUCH appreciated, this is driving me crazy in an otherwise brilliant QR system.

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Did you try with just regular washers? I don’t think my SQR came with lock washers, but I followed the manual (there is a section titled “SQR – 70 mm PCD front and rear mounting, with spacer”) and used only regular washers and my SQR works perfectly fine.

I would first of all mount the QR straight

Thanks Kevin. I’ve reinstalled with regular washers, and also reinstalled using maviaggi’s suggestion to mount the QR orientation straight. It seems slightly quieter but I do still hear the sound.

The sound is not a ‘mouse squeak’, it’s more the sound of metal slightly creaking. ‘Creak creak’ when there are sharp left right force feedback effects going into the wheel. I can try to twist the wheel fore and aft with my arms but I don’t really feel any play or flex. This is an annoyance more than anything, but I really wish I could solve it. Still unresolved, but thanks for suggestions.

Are you sure it is related to SQR and not coil whine in the motor when it is making rapid changes? Mine can make sounds that one might describe as a slight “creak”. It’s definitely not SQR related to me. I believe it is normal.

Thanks Lee. You’re right, I can’t be 100% certain. I can’t really put my ear up to the wheel when I am driving, but I believe it is from the SQR or wheel and button box assembly because it appears to be coming from the front of the wheel, rather than further back where the coil whine and electronic type sounds typically come from. This particular creak appears to be much more front and center. But I can’t be 100% certain. If we can devise a testing method to isolate it, but I can’t think of one.

Also, one reason I do lean towards it being SQR-related is that when I disassemble and reassemble the wheel/button box/sqr, it is usually quiet for a few laps before the squeak-creak returns.

I saw someone removed the wheel-side SQR and mount their wheel directly to the wheel base. Not sure how to do that exactly but it’s an option.