SC2 Quick release install problem

Don’t know what I’m not getting here but I’m trying to install my SC2 quick release to my ascher racing f28-sc both of which i received today. Problem is that the spacing in the wheel is 70mm but in the adapter they are 71mm and this prevents the screws from getting in.

In the picture I have too long screws to illustrate the problem. Am I doing something wrong or have I ordered wrong parts for the wheel?

The system uses 3 parts

Have you received all the correct parts? inc the different screws?

Yes. Simucube parts fit together but the part number 5 doesn’t fit the wheel (because of the 1mm difference in measures.

Are you sure of your measurements? Both the Asher and the SC2 adaptor have a 70mm bolt pattern. I’ve measured my adaptor and it is 70mm. Maybe try the adaptor rotated and check you haven’t cross threaded any bolts. If the adaptor definitely is 71mm then you’ll probably need to contact your re-seller and organise a replacement.

Should work according to the Ascher manual…

Barry has a good video on how it goes together with the f28 wheel. Jump to 30min.

I’m positive about the measures. If I lift the plate up I can almost screw all the screws in but then in the image you can see how low you can push the plate and you can clearly see that the last holes aren’t near each other.

I will contact the reseller. Thanks guys for your replies and comments!

This is mine

Just a thought but have you tried flipping it over?
As a last resort you could drill out the holes that dont fit, that way you dont have to wait for the reseller but it may void the warranty.

I tried it in all seven positions. Hard to take a picture but all holes are 71mm from edge to edge, wheel is 70mm

Tried flipping it, no luck. Thought about drilling it too, but i will wait for resellers response first, I’m not in a hurry since I don’t have the motor yet.

This is very strange.

Do the four center holes line up with the 30mm spacer part?

Yes. All parts fit together nicely, they just don’t fit on the wheel.

Could you measure the bolt hole spacing on the back of the wheel too?

I did, as mentioned in the first post, spacing in the wheel is 70mm

I contacted the reseller and they will send me a new part. Hopefully it’s ok, otherwise I’ll drill this one. Thanks everyone for helping.

So I received new plate today (sent from Slovenia yesterday, received in Finland today:) and it fits perfectly!

Thank you Simracingbay!