SC2 Quick Release Assembly

Hi Folks,

I am absolutely struggling to assemble this Simcube 2 QR. Watched several videos and looked over the forums and such and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to connect them together. The connector that connects the drive to the wheel seem to screw in here but there are no threads. Got a Cube Controls Formula wheel.

Here is mine. I definitely have four threaded holes.

The 4 holes are absolutely threaded in mine as well. If yours aren’t, it’s possible you got a manufacturing defect somehow that got missed. Are you 100% sure there are no threads there?

The holes are very small, smaller than the diameter of any of the screws provided. I took a small allen key and felt no ridges or bumps in there.


Definitively interesting issue. Can you email to support at
Include your name and address (for replacement) and the serial number of your unit.

(Or, just PM those aforementioned details to me here.)

Thanks Mika, message sent.