SC2 Pro with one PSU, wireless clutch, no battery?

I would love to buy a SC 2 Pro but what keeps me from pulling the trigger are three issues:

  • Two power supply units are a no go for me
  • missing clutch signal with the wireless option
  • battery needed for wireless wheels

Are there any plans to update the wheel bases adressing these issues?

Of course you can use any other wheel with the SC2, you are not limited to wireless wheels. Sure, they might be a bit more convenient, personally though I prefer the immersion a nice thick coiled USB cable provides.

On another point, the dual psu is a non-issue. Maybe I am myopic, but I really fail to see why some think this is a problem in any way. You already have a few power-cords running to your rig, or most do - 1 extra cable is a non-issue.


Are you telling him that the issue he’s having is an non-issue?
Good that you straighten him out.

@Zoltan If you really don’t want to accommodate a 2nd PSU, go for the SC2 Sport instead. You won’t be disappointed.

There really isn’t a great deal of difference between the Sport and Pro and I’d say most of us Pro users rarely if ever use the small amount of additional torque headroom that it offers.

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It may have changed but I don’t think the Sport version allows you to change the torque slew rate. That’s something I’ve found quite useful. Agree about the additional torque though.

The Sport always had adjustable slew rate


my issues with the double psu are

  • I have a 10x multi-socket mounted to my rig and every outlet is in use
  • the power cords are only 1m so I am limited where I can put the psu
  • the possibility that one of the psu fails is twice as high as with a single psu

Hi Zoltan,
Something I have done here was to use a y-splitter power cord. It plugs into the wall via one plug, but then splits into 2x IEC kettle connectors. Clean and easy.

Wrt the dual psu’s, these are Industrial units. In 6+ years of abuse, I have never lost a single MeanWell psu. For the record, the top-end Ultimate has 2x MW psu’s inside that enclosure too…

But yes, in certain cases, I can understand for practical reasons why dual supplies might be a no-go- I am just not convinced it will be a real issue for you. I know a lot of people commented on this early after the Pro release, eventually for 99%, it turned out to be non-event.

I am simply sharing my experience, it’s your decision and money at the end :wink:

Edit: Wrt the length of the cords, the y-splitter one is probably 1.5m or 1.6m long. Perhaps one day I might show a picture of what I have done with the power-distribution on my rig…

I might consider the sport. I hope I can test the three SC 2 devices at the simracing expo in september

I was going by this:

Good to know that was wrong.

Yeah, many resellers got that information wrong initially and never really updated it.

@Zoltan: This was what I was referring to earlier, in case it wasn’t clear from my re[ly - this one is 2m long, I have used something similar in tight situations before :wink:


Hi Beano,
thanks for your reply.

A y-cord is an elegant solution for this. Why isn‘t one packaged with the Pro?

You are right that the double failure possibility is more a theoretical issue, but still…

I got the pro bc of the small price diff.

Sometimes I wish I had only 1 psu, since it’s just sitting on the floor, so more cables everywhere. If you have good cable arrangement this is moot.
The power diff is not of importance to me. Extremely rarely have it above even 14 NM.
I picked the pro also bc I thought I would miss out on some filters on the sport, but this turns out not to be the case, the extra filters are on the Ultimate only unf…

To me it’s a complete wash. The price has been set so 100% correct between sport&pro that it’s impossible to say one is a better pick than the other, EXCEPT if you need the extra torque, or if the dual PSU is a no-go.

You’re welcome, Mate, no dramas.

Good to have options wrt wheel-bases and cables etc, just making sure you have all facts to make best division for long-term. But both wheels are great, Pro has higher dynamic range due to higher torque, but if you run lower torque levels, they are virtually the same.

Good luck with your decision, welcome to the fold :wink:

Quite easy to mount the dual PSUs discreetly too:


Yep, quite easy to design and 3D-print a holder to mount them to 8020. Yours looking nice and clean :wink:

Are you sharing this design somewhere?

Tried to put it up on Thingiverse but as a new joiner it won’t publish for 24 hours. I’ll post a new thread when it does.


I would love to see elegant, avalable for purchase, PSU to 80/20 mount solution.
Is that something GD can start offering as accessory, hopefuly not as outrageously expensive as their premium E-Stop?
The fact that customer needs to look around for things like this, PSU extension cables, SQR adapters to convert non standard motor mount, is an oversight for supposedly fully ready to use out of the box solution.