SC2 PRO With AMS2 steering assignment

Hi all,

just DL AMS 2 but for when trying to assign left right steering inputs, it wont register ? any helps guys

Did you already check the topic about AMS2?

yeah checked this ready and still no luck. cant figure out what i am doing wrong. its the most simply thing in the world to do!! never had any other game give me this grief to assign left/right steering inputa

Hi Track Select .
I had the same problem
Here is what i did set rotation in TD to 900 and PRESS your e stop This makes it better to calibrate in the game as there is no forces on the wheel

go to game in set up rotate your wheel to the right about 445 or 448 and return to the centre and it should register the the same to the left
do not turn the wheel to 450 as it will register multi inputs and will not register the input . let me know if this works for you …it did for me

Regards Denis


great thanks for the help, gonna try now. thought i was doing something stupid . i let you know

it worked 1st time!!! thanks for letting me know. could play racing games for nearly 3 months as i was staying away from home due to covid and finally return home last week!!! missed my racing alot !!


Glad that worked out ok

If you have any other probs …IE calibration . settings . or ffb send me pm or post on this thread

regards and cheers denis

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