SC2 Pro Wheel clamp + SRB extension Issues

I removed the clamp but now I cannot get it to fit back into the wheel shaft. it seems like it expanded and I dont know how to fix this, get it back to a size that it will fit inside the wheel shaft.

it does not fit onto the original sc2 shaft or the srb extension i purchased

this one:

so now I cannot use my sc2 at all, since I cannot get the clamp to fit into any shaft, and I do not know how I can bring the outer part of the clamp back to a size where it will fit into the shaft.

I cannot get the clamp onto the original simucube shaft, or my extension because it has expanded

does not slide in it just hits each other, the diameter is too big, so how do i get it to fit this is my problem

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Good luck

In that video, the cone clamping element seems to be wrongly assembled. The cone clamping element should be assembled as explained in the Simracingbay installation manual, (step3 in it). Thougth to mention as assembling it wrong for sure can cause slipping and also damage the outer tube, either the original part or third party shaft extension, as the element does not work as intended.

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Here is a picture of that step: