SC2 Pro V2 FW Confusion (I'm confused)

I have a SC2 Pro V2. What firmware and True Drive versions should I be on? I keep getting messages saying the FW I’m on is too new. Not sure how I ended up with that. Thank you

Win 10 Pro

SC2 Software release 2022.5
SC2 FW version 1.3.26
Servo Drive version 1.3.13

Are you using an old shortcut to launch True Drive? The software moved to an installer based solution in 2021.11 and later releases. Your old shortcut probably points to your old installation somewhere on your HDD, and the proper one is in the start menu.


It’s possible. I dont have a version in my start menu though. Also I wrote “Servo drive version 1.3.13” when that’s really the True Drive version. You probably caught that:)

I’m pretty sure If I install the latest version of TD from July I will all the time get that message saying my FW is too new and I won’t be able to use the wheel. Currently through I randomly get message.

Should I just uninstall/delete TD and anything associated with it and start fresh? I built this dedicated sim PC a year ago and I think I only updated the software once which is the version I’m on now. Thanks for the help by the way.

Check the shortcut you are using to launch True Drive. The installer installs the software to “C:\Program Files\Simucube 2 True Drive” directory by default.


there is a third party application that somehow blocks the communications between True Drive and the device. HidGuardian that comes with iRFFB is known to do that.

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There was two versions on my PC. I deleted both and reinstalled. I think I’m all good. Thanks for the help.