SC2 Pro V1 - 2021.7 - full left lock even when PC shut down after rf2 crash

Hmm. A slightly odd one…

rf2 crashed to desktop (I believe it’s a bug with the 3rd party car mod I was driving as others have had CTDs) and the wheel went to full left lock (modest torque - nothing crazy despite the wheel being fully enabled in TD).

Cycling the e-stop did not resolve it. Killing all Steam rf2 processes did not resolve it. Restarting the PC did not resolve it (torque remained on full left lock throughout POST and reboot…)

Only managed to resolve it by powering off the SC2 entirely…

most likely the FFB effects bank didn’t get a “clear” command when your game crashed.

In these situations, there is the Reset FFB -button on the last tab in True Drive.

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Great, thanks Mika - I’ll remember that if it happens again.