SC2 Pro - tips for a newbie

Well in about 10 days I should receive my Simcube Pro, HRS Xero, HRS Z1-ProX display along with brackets for an Obutto Rev Cockpit.The Ascher F28-SC wheel arrived 2 days ago. I am coming from a Fanny DD2 which is somewhere in the mail ( RMA ) .

So I guess I will download the software first and will ask for any tips in setting up the SC2 Pro or tips. So what tips are there?

edit: I will be using it on iRacing specifically the PM18

Well Mr Sutton, let me know if you need a hand with some quick settings to get you going once you have it, I can TeamViewer into your PC and set a good base profile for you. I will ask you a few questions, based on your feedback, will tweak it for you and then you can fine tune.

Just message me here or on iRacing.


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will do Beano but stay out of my pron collection


Will do, no worries Will