SC2 Pro stuck in low torque (or something)?

I’ve run into a strange issue with my SC2 Pro. For some reason it’s started to feel like it’s stuck in low torque mode. The wheel feels overdampened and low on power. This is with the same settings that the day before felt perfect, running on the latest True Drive software.

I’m not sure it’s actually low torque mode as the wheel does get heavier if I increase the strength in game (but could also be that it’s boosting the lower end of the torque range).

For reference, I was previously running ACC with the wheel at 100% and in game gain at 40. Bumping the gain to 60 didn’t make much difference (and you know how sensitive the gain setting is in ACC). 100% gain made the wheel heavy but clipping a lot of the signal (not the beeps from the SC2, the wheel just felt heavy and rather dead).

So, I’ve tried changing profiles but it’s the same thing with everything I run.

Only thing I’ve done differently before this is to test the SC2 with Project Cars 2. I mention this because I know PC2 can mess things up - I’ve had it happen with other wheels. However, those cases were solved by a reboot.

Do you have any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix it? I might try a fresh install of Windows to see if I get the same problem on a clean system.

Have you tried deleting and re-installing truedrive?
Try that before I re-installed windows.

Also Is it safe to assume TrueDrive does not show low torque mode?

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That’s right, True Drive doesn’t show low torque mode.

I removed True Drive (AppData/Local files included) and downloaded it again. It seems to have fixed it. ACC feels normal again (haven’t had time test other titles).

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