Sc2 pro stopping working

Hello guys, I got a simucube pro and I face this problem: whenever I try to recover a spin I let rotate quickly the wheel then it stops working…no feedback but also no turning…i need to restart ACC and Simucube software. Any idea? Is that a safety feature for saving hands and arms?

You can turn off hands off detection in TD.

Hands off detection is already off. The wheel does not go in low torque mode, it just goes dead!
And even if I restart the wheel by on-off button, I also need to restart ACC


Strange issue. Is it a unit with one or two PSU’s? Is the LED on in both of the PSU units?

It has 2 psu. I have also an usb adapter for fanatec wheel, but the wheels buttons, leds, shifter still work.
To say it all, sometimes, during wheel spin, the cable gets wrapped around the shaft and the usb connector gets disconnected. Could that interfere with the wheel controller? I don’t think, but it may be?

Yes; if any of the USB game controllers disconnect, the games that reference them by their ID number, stop working. This is a feature in how Windows enumerates game controllers, unfortunately. It easily leads to poor game design that is prone to have this behavior.

Ok thanks, so if the usb adapter of the fanatec wheel gets disconnected (even for a while) then the simucube control disconnects, even if the fanatec wheel is still alive?

Yes, or more precisely the game gets confused on which controller is which.

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