SC2 Pro & SC2 Sport power supply extension cables

Hello Drivers!

We have searched and purchased several different Simucube 2 Pro / Sport power supply extension cable candidates, and found good ones!

This type of cable was the most suitable we found: (note, similar cables are available from many eBay & Aliexpress sellers).

It adds 50 cm to the Meanwell brick power supply cable, so total length becomes 1.5 meters. If interested, remember to get two pieces of them for Pro and one for Sport.

I hope this helps!

Cheers, Tero


cool :slight_smile: can you also try 2 of this? Also 1 Meter

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You can chain two of extensions, however we didn’t test that. I don’t expect any problems to arise from there.

However, I would limit it to 2 extensions just in case.

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@Tero Thanks for taking your time to test all of these cables and giving us a recommend choice :slightly_smiling_face:

Are there any plans of including longer cables with the base package in the future, so we dont need to extend those (good to know its easily possible though)?

Can you tell me the AWG of the cables?

I’d like to get different once, but want to make sure the cables won’t melt. :joy:

Ignore me.

I originally answered with the AWG of the PSU cables by mistake :roll_eyes:

That would be OK too, since I need to get at least that AWG or thicker.

Just what I needed, thanks

I have first revision of SC2 PRO with two PSU and short cords. Just bought these extensions but I would like to ask to someone knowledgeable: The cord part from PSU has a ferrite bead while extension has not. Is it OK to use extension in this case? Because it makes sense to me to have a ferrite bead at the and of the cable (as close to possible to device) but there will be next 40cm without it.