SC2 Pro Restarts after Contact in iRacing

This has happed a couple times over the last week. Just now, got hit from behind on L1 and the SC2 restarted and left me dead in the water. Then after it finishes restarting this time it went into the read only safe mode with no FFB and I had to go into TD to select my profile. Not ideal in a race.

It has happened a few times recently both from contact and once when I went off track. Most of the time it restarts after a few seconds and I don’t need to select my profile again and I FFB is returned after the restart, but not always.

This was just in the MX-5, so no crazy FFB or anything I don’t think. Heck, I’d like to have more FFB then I can seem to get. I wear headphones so I don’t always hear the beeping for clipping if there is some.

TD maximum torque 23.8 Nm /95%
TD Recon Filter 2
TD Slew Rate Limit 0.4

iRacing wheel force 25Nm
iRacing Maximum force 30Nm

TD Software Release 2020.10
SC2 Firmware version 1.0.30
TD version 1.0.28
Servo Drive firmware version 10824

Not sure what else would be helpful to share but I’m happy to share anything needed. Maybe this is just the kick from behind I needed to update to the new settings and profile manager. Would that possibly help? Thanks for the help everyone.

One of my two power supplies may have been lose. Not sure if that was the issue, but just went through each connection and one did seem a bit lose before. Maybe one came lose and I was only running on one power supply and when the big draw came from a crash it was too much? I don’t know yet, but this may have been the problem.

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This kind of situation has been reported a few times before, I believe - I.e. one or more loose power leads. Worth checking from time to time, particularly if your rig isn’t all that rigid or has motion.