SC2 Pro: purchase in USA or Europe?

I’m in the USA. If I purchase an SC2 Pro in country I’ll have a 6 week or more wait. I can get one now from Sim Racing Bay. What are the problems if I buy from a supplier overseas? If there is a warranty issue doesn’t the supplier just send the SC2 to Granite Devices? The suppliers don’t provide any service do they?



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Buy from Simracingbay. You will NOT be disappointed!
And Tomo provides EXCELLENT after purchase service!!

Ask Tomo if he covers shipping on returns in case of problems.
Shipping overseas at your expense could be expensive.

I think i saw somewhere on YouTube a guy from states who purchased sc2 from tomo. Just mail him and ask,he will reply fast

Just make sure you get the correct power plugs supplied with it.

Purchased my SC2 from Tomo @ SimRacingBay, arrived in NY in two days and came with the correct US plugs as well as the Euro plugs. 100% recommend to go with him.

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I have the same experience as nandovina22. Highly recommend Simracingbay. You can drop Tomo an email to inquire about warranty/shipping, he usually replies promptly.

I’ll join on Tomo and SRB, purchased it in january, 2 days later I had it in my hands with correct plugs and extra EU plugs, it was cheaper then if I went with DSD and didn’t want to wait 2 months for it. You can’t go wrong with SRB for sure.

Not to mention SRB throws in a front mount for free. Not sure if DSD do, they sell a mount for $97.50 and it doesn’t even have angle adjustments.

I thank you all for your timely replies. I sent a msg to SRB asking the questions you suggested plus a couple of mine. Assuming satisfactory answers to my questions I’ll be buying from SRB an SC2 Pro and a wireless wheel. I’m having a PC built to be used for sim racing and sim combat flying only. I haven’t had to deal with Windows for 20 years. We’re all Macintosh in our household. I’ll be needing some of the excellent guidance I’ve seen on this Granite Devices Forum. Granite Devices is very impressive in how they have handled introducing SIMUCUBE 1and 2. Their customer support through this forum is quite unusual in my experience. The excellent dialog and expertise displayed by the SIMUCUBE purchasers and the Granite Devices Team is also quite exceptional. I’m looking forward to joining you as an SC2 owner soon.

Best regards,

Richard Cashore
Williamsburg, Virginia USA

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I placed my order with SRB based on my research and the advice of the forum members. I ordered a SIMUCUBE 2 Pro and a wheel rim plus an extra wheel side QR mount and the upgraded emergency disconnect. I am pleasantly shocked at SRB (Tomo’s) quick response. My order has already been shipped via DHL and is projected to arrive 2 March. That’s truly amazing. I’m having a gaming PC built and system connected. This is my first experience with simulation gaming. At age of 79 I’m anxious to get started iracing and DCS combat flying. I’m going to learn the “Shit Hot Carrier Break” in the F18C and drive the 24hrs. Of Le’Mons in a GT-40. Not sure I got that right. That’s a tall order and much practice, practice, practice. First I have to learn to operate the PC and all the racing and flight peripherals. I’ve got my work cut out for me. I hope to meet you on the track and in the air.

Best Regards,


Richard AKA Arc


Make your Dreams comes true!

Wow Richard! Even though I’m half your age, I already have 25 years of simracing under my belt :grin:
Very cool to see you pick these new hobbies up at an age where most others just give up on anything basically. Big respect :+1:

i bought mine from simracingbay… tomo was fantastic over email about my options and availability i would recommend them… im in canada

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I have to say it.
“Told You” :slight_smile:

Where are you at in the USA?

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Glad you are happy. I think everyone who worked with tomo are happy with his service. For me definitely best seller in sim racing world. For him customer is respected and on first place

I’m glad to hear it. I’m in Williamsburg, Virginia. Where are you?

I am in Annandale, VA bordering Falls Church and Fairfax in Northern VA.
About 8 miles from Washington DC.

There are quite a few iRacing guys in VA.

Joe, I know right where you are. I worked in Crystal City for awhile. There must be a way to send a PM so others on the forum aren’t bothered by more personal msgs. I’ll look into it.

Hi Arc…click on the blue button top right corner . you can PM from there…

Joe is a GREAT guy ,has helped me a lot over the years.with hardware and advice … Enjoy your SC2 Pro when you get it the best you could buy at this time…what rig and pedals are you getting ?
Regards Denis