SC2 Pro problem

I had a SC2 Pro that I bought new on the G Performance site in April 2021.
Since the beginning i notified a strange sound from inside the wheel base but I didn’t pay too much attention to that as this was my first direct drive wheel and I didn’t know what should be a normal sound or a defect sound.
Nowadays I played rFactor 2 and ACC much of the time, and normally I put 100% strength on the Simucube true drive software and 35% on both simulators, and I play all the time with GT3 cars.
Before I used 30% as maximum strength on both simulators.
Now I noticied much more a strange effect.
I know that the Simucube base tried to simulate the irregularities of the road, but I think that what I got is too much pronounced and I already changed all the values on the Simucube true drive software and it didn’t changed this strange behavior.
This strange behavior happens all the time in the same places of a certain circuit. For exemple at Nurburgring at the U turn (I think it’s turn 7 or 8) no matter at what speed I do that curve I feel like a stroke from an hammer coming from inside my wheel base. I feel that in other circuits and in other parts of Nurburgring too with ACC or RF2.
I don’t think this is a natural behavior, as the feeling I got from the wheel is too much strong and like I said it feels like the car wheels hit something, even if the road is almost plain.
With the simucube turned off and rotating the driving wheel I don’t feel anything strange at all.
I thought that could be an issue with bearings, but I don’t know.

If this means that the Simucube 2 models are creating FFB effects, then that isn’t really the case.

If the motor is working at 100 percent the possibility that you hear it working increases.

What else do you expect with torque at 25 plus Nm?

Is it more of a tiny thump or a big thump? If it’s small then might be the QR is loose. I noticed this on mine and have now tightened all screws. Have not had yet time to test.

No, the quick release is ok.
It’s all tightened.
It’s a big thump, and it’s come from inside the motor.

Do you have a support ticket to us already? This forum is not a product support forum, so if you feel there is indeed mechanical issue, make a support ticket.