SC2 Pro power supply cables

I got my SC2 Pro with UK cables, but living with eu power sockets. Found at home cables from power supplies with same characteristics as original one except one, they are 0.75 instead of 1mm.
Will it be dangerous to use them and if it is, what solution would be better? To buy an adapter from uk to eu plug and what type of adapter do I need in this case or buy complete supply cable with exact same characteristics?

Purchase correct type of cables. They should be available from your local pc store.

Demon Tweeks is an UK based reseller and they are supplied with UK cables as per their request, but this might change in the future.

0.75mm cable (per wire) can generally carry 6A-7A at 220VAC, thus I would venture to say you will see zero issues using 2x of those cords on a SC2 Pro setup, 1 for each supply. Collectively they can handle over 2KW :wink:

Try them, just keep feeling them to see if they heat up, I suspect you will be fine.