SC2 Pro occasionally weird behavior and mini clonking

Hello, i create this topic because i have questions regarding my SC2 Pro.
I ordered it in October and only started using it in early december (just for info).
At first, everything was fine except for one occasion when it was clicking when i was steering it on my desktop or in ACC’s menu. I restarted the wheel and everything was fine afterwards.
But it started to happen more often and i recently noticed that the culprit for this behavior is the emergency button. If the wheel “clicks”, i press/unpress it and it works fine again.
I have some clonking aswell and only when i steer to the right. I tightened all the QR screws (which were barely tightened from factory btw) on the back of my tahko and also on the simucube. The clonking is still there, i also tried to tighten the screws on top of the QR (the part of the QR in which you insert the pin to lock the wheel in place) but it keeps clonking.
I was wondering if my QR is just messed up (either on the base or on the wheel) because i’m pretty sure that i can feel some minimal play in my hands but at the same time considering the first issue i mentioned i’m wondering if there is a software/hardware issue on my SC2. The weird thing is that i can only feel this clonking when i turn right and not left and i also feel/hear a slight friction on the left side on the shaft when i steer at low speed. My issue might not be a big thing (which i hope) but it really worries me considering how much i spent on it :slight_smile:

(The clonking doesn’t sound as harsh as the clicking in the video but it sounds “rounder”, i don’t have a video of this sound and will only be able to provide one this weekend since i’m not at my home this week)
Video of the clicking sound at low speed :

Thank you in advance for the help !

EDIT : I raced in the 24hrs of Anna this weekend on COTA, and the clonking is really noticeable in the long right turn (T2) after turn 1 and in T16 corner entry.

When car is stationary:

This is a software glitch that we tried to mitigate for the 2023.1 release. It is due to the newly re-implemented directinput damping effect, which now uses the wheel rotation speed as it should. However, the rotation speed calculation has glitches, which in turn causes the damping torque to glitch.

We will improve this for next release.

Regarding any other glitches, please write a support ticket.

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Hello Mika !

Thank you for the quick reply !
Will open a support ticket :slight_smile:

To me the direct input filters were looking like the third wheel on a car, or maybe the forgotten son.
Once you tried to reanimate them the problems started, and now kind of poisoning every release. I myself just don’t realize, because I don’t use them.
Will you implement the pedal software into TD in a way that you can guarantee that DD code isn’t affected from possible glitches? If that happens, all of us will suffer from it. And I am not very optimistic solving it would be easy.
I could be wrong: after reading I had the feeling that you know about this glitch. It always looks bad when you wait till someone addresses a problem. One could also step forward and take the initiative by actively telling us

Correct. But, a long standing complaint was that why older games have no FFB or do unexpected things with Simucube 2, and those are now mostly fixed.

The ActivePedal software is a new software project. It is completely new code base, with different software defined servo drive, new communications protocols between PC and the device, and completely new software. We will implement the Simucube 2 wheel base on to this new software platform, but the project has not started yet. It will be towards the end of the year.

Notable benefits will be telemetry based FFB effects (TBD which ones), and better usability.


This is what a lot of people want to see/have, it can be a massive step forward, with more details and information in the FFB coming from the game…if games deliver this kind of information. Do you know what titles have it?

So TD will be totally rewritten and recoded? For us users is the consequence a total different FFB experience? And our profiles, those we use at the moment, we will have to replace them all? What will happen to the paddock, online profiles? Will they be removed? Or the whole philosophy terminated?

I wish you all the best. It’s a very very demanding project.


Everything else is up in the air; most likely any filters we implement on the new platform, will not feel the same as the current ones. But better, of course.


Great and exciting stuff Mika!! TD is good, no questions about that but still with telemetry and new improved filters, the SC2 will be on a next level. Cannot wait to see what you guys will come up with. When the time comes, we will be here to test, give feedback and assist your efforts.

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Found the root cause of the “clonking” issue. The QR on my Tahko wasn’t screwed tightly enough. The 3 screws going through the steering wheel, buttons module to the QR needed to be tightened again (i forgot to check these screws when i tightened all the others). I’m quite relieved that it was only 3 screws causing this issue even if i think that for the price the screws could be tightened properly :slight_smile: (no pun or anything, it’s just that if someone isn’t trying to find the issue himself he might end up losing time by sending it back only for three screws).
Except that, i’m very happy of the quality of my SC2 Pro, the FFB is really incredible and i dont think that i could go back to a belt driven wheel now :smiley:

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Such as? City car driving maybe?
That will be a goods news to me.

I did test City Car Driving as well. The game was stuck in a loop where it started a constant force effect constantly, with its parameters at 0 or at 10000 (full torque right). So its a game bug, it would probably work if the game had a working initialization code for FFB when used with Microsoft’s device driver.

And City Car Driving developers never contacted me even with numerous attempts at trying to give them my contact information…

Umm. I had read that post on CCD forum.
I wish CCD developers have same passion as you do.