SC2 pro not working? 2 Fault codes present

Hi All,

Need some help, turn my wheel on just now and it seems to activate torque mode as soon as I turn on wheel?? I then activate torque mode and the wheel has not FFB at all, and acts like I have de activates it??

Fault seems to advise to check wiring , which have done and all seems fine . Emergency button is working but odd how torque mode is activated on start up and when activate has none?

This is the fault code displayed now?

The first of the faults could come if you move the wheel just at the right moment before the initialization beeps are done. Can you confirm that you are not moving the wheel at start?

The second issue is a known issue that will be fixed soon. Cycling e-stop will clear it.

Hi Mika,

Thanks for super fast responses. Yes correct, I dont touch wheel before initialization.

My concern is the wheel has no FFB at all while in high torque mode , but when I disable it, my wheel has FFB.

So right now, my wheel moved like it’s now activated, but I have activated it. I then deactivate high torque mode and wheel has resistance??

Yeah, the low torque mode has additional damping and friction effects. When you activate the high torque mode, the settings from your profile take effect.


Thanks for the super quick responses, when did this change? Was this implemented in latest update? Only did this a few days ago but never notice it lol

The different torque modes have been there since the first released version.

Lol, sorry what i meant was, when I 1st got back in September, the wheel would have no force at all on start up, until I set torque mode high, so would freely move. Then for some reason today I noticed that wheel has force now on start up, and when i activate torque mode, its feels as if I haven’t activated and moves freely without any torque. Basically its back to front now

Its OK, it May have FFB when entering any game, but in Windows its light because no forces are applied

It sounds like it’s working now just as mine does:

Feels ultralight when not powered on
Feels heavily damped once powered on (Low Torque)
Feels light (High Torque mode)
Feels light once in game but at a standstill
Forces ramp up as you move vehicle from a standstill

It is strange that you feel that it was the opposite in the past though.