Sc2 Pro not recognized on one PC

Hi guys,

I have an issue with my SC2 pro unit on a single PC.

It doesn’t receive power nor recognized.
On a second PC (same spec), it is discovering yet goes directly to sleep mode.

On a 3rd and 4th (both low spec laptops)
Its recognized and working immediately.

Ive tried all possible USB ports, directly or through an active hub. Yet i cant get the wheel to work on my main sim PC.

I have also a video going through the process.
But i cant upload it here due to forum only accepting images.
Thank you for your help


What does “goes directly into sleep mode” mean in this regard?

Hi Mika,

It flashes light blue, and doesn’t show in controller/device manager.

I’m uploading the video I made to my google drive, and will share it as soon as its ready

There is no way for the device to go directly into sleep mode. Probably the device somehow stays at least partially on, while being in the sleep mode already.

I’m not ruling out an issue with the electronics of the device in this case, but I does seem strange.

Please make a support ticket and lets go from there.

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