SC2 Pro Motor shaft loose?

Hello guys

I’ve recently noticed that, while i’m steering to the right, a noise comes from the motor shaft and the steering wheel feels 1-2mm lose.

It feels like the shaft is lose on the back side of the base.

I removed the quickrelease, turned the motor shaft by 180 degrees, reinstalled the centered quickrelease and re-centered the steering wheel into the true drive. Now it feels loose while i’m steering to the left.

I can also feel the loose when i push with one hand and pull the other, but only while the steering wheel is turned to the left.

I’ve no idea what to do now, pls help

For better understanding i’ve attached an image.


I suspect play in your QR? In which case, you can tigthen it up with the screws underneath the QR.

If it was play in the motor-shaft (which I need to say, I very much doubt) you will have this movement in all directions. The fact that it is directional, strongly points to QR that needs tightening up.


Hello Beano

Thanks for your response, i hope you’re right mate. I’ll try to tightening up the QR.

But how do you explain the fact, that after i turned the shaft by 180 degrees, keeping the QR straight, the movement changed from the left to the right?

@Tomo_Meglic as you suggested i made a video of the issue :+1:

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I’ve just tightened all the screws, including those within the qr, the problem still persists.

what else could it be?

Allright, thanks for video. I have contacted Mika over PM here already yesterday and Granite Devices RMA channel today. If no one will reply or contact you directly, i will keep you updated over email in next 24h.

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Unfortunately I’ve had a more or less worst flu of this decade that causes me to be out of office. I’m not handling RMA cases anyway, but I see your mail in our support.

I heard you have season of flu in Finland. Get well soon, we will need you regardless you handling RMA or not :slight_smile:

Hey @nicsos123 did you get your problem resolved?
I’m afraid my sc2 Pro has the same problem. I hear knocking from the back in nearly the same scenario.

I have the problem with loose shat too but in each direction.
I checked tightness of Simucube Quick Release system. Problem still exist.
Any help? Should I claim fo warranty repair?

I have the same problem. Are there any solutions?


Please contact your reseller so we can give official support on any hardware related matters…

Thanks for the response. I‘ll contact my reseller.