SC2 Pro Motor Issue

Hi Guys,
Very new to Simucube and the world of DD wheelbases.
I’m having some trouble as it sounds like my motor is rubbing causing a really bad internal squeak I think towards the front of the box?
I noticed when I was in iRacing and ACC If I put pressure on my wheel and steer it makes the squeak.
When there’s no pressure there’s no noise but put a bit of steering pressure on it and it’s not nice at all.
Link to video below, can anyone help me… only had my unit 2 days.


Another video with the steering wheel on just to show you the noise:

This does not seem normal. Does it make this noise with TD on and active during normal driving?

Indeed it does… sounds like something is rubbing internally. Everyone else’s is apparently silent when they do this.

That is not normal. Can you isolate if the sound is coming from front or back of the motor?

If it is coming from front, then it might be that the black QR part over the conical shaft adapter has been installed too closely to the motor, and when you apply pressure, it is touching the front bulkhead of the motor.

We have previously published instructions on how to disassemble/assemble the base-side QR due to the issue on the very first units produced that had too loose screws.

Please use high-quality tools to untighten the 3 bolts holding the SQR wedge part. The bolts might be very tight.

Hi Mika,
I’ve put my ear close to it and it does sound like it’s coming more from the front of the motor… I took the wedge part of the SQR off and those four bolts in there are rock solid tight.