SC2 Pro mini disconnects

Hey all

I’m having these weird mini stutters / disconnects in my wheel when playing iRacing. I think it has something to do with EMI or interference, given the fact that it’s (much) better when I hang / drape my usb cable directly to my pc when it’s barely touching my 80/20 Simlabs P1 rig. When I route the cable on my motion rig it’s barely playable and the wheel disconnects entirely sometimes. However, I want to tuck away my cables as much as possible, so the cable hanging situation is not really an option :slight_smile: I must also mention that I use an SFX-100 motion platform which emits quite the amount of EMI. Therefore, I grounded my wheel, rig, pedals and wrapped my SFX-100 motor cables in EMI tape. Is there any kind of USB cable that is advisable to block these interferences? My PC is roughly 3 meter away from my rig so I’m using a longer (5m) cable to connect my SC2. The test cable which hangs to my pc is 2m. Could that be an issue? I also looked at an active usb extender cable is that an option?

PS: my wheel is connected to an usb3 connection on my pc is that ok or is usb2 advised?

Here a short video clip of what’s happening:

anyone? tried a lot of different usb cables but that didn’t solve the problem

It’s more or less impossible to suggest a magical solution to your problem. I powered USB hub may or may not help especially if the cable length is longer, but there are people who get away with normal hub, or connecting directly to a motherboard usb.

Afaik EMI with motion platforms can be a problem. Do you get the stutters if you drive without it? Does it happen with other games than iRacing?