SC2 Pro Lost (almost) all its force

Hey, guys. Im kinda hopeless here but wanted to write before reaching out to support.

My SC2 lost all its force. Even with max strength on TrueDrive and also keeping it high in iRacing. A little history:

I starter feeling it weak on mid corners earlier this week after iRacing update. I decided to update firmware and TD, then it all became worse immediately: no force at all, super weak and almost no road textures. I was able to downgrade the TD and Firmware based in a tutorial, but with no luck. I can turn the wheel with a finger.

Things I’ve tried:

  • As said, downgrading firmware and TD.
  • Checked cables in both power supplies. All ok.
  • Checked USB cable.Tried different USB ports.
  • Tried different power outlets.

Sorry for the long post… let me know if any had the same issues.


And High Torque mode is on, may be try to turn it off and on?

I did, multiple times. Didnt work :confused:

Is this only the case in iRacing or in other sims as well?

Have you tried disabling and enabling FF in iRacing?

If that doesn’t help, you could try deleting all ini files from iRacing and starting from scratch.
But the best would be to backup the old ini files before.

Thanks for the tip, @datoml.

Yes, I tried turning off and on the ffb in iRacing. Nothing changed.

One super weird thing I discovered trying other sims. I do not drive any other things than iRacing but I downloaded ACC to try. The ffb there was stronger. Felt weird, maybe because Im super used to iRacing, but it was definitely stronger… AND then when I loaded iracing again, the ffb was back.

Then I thought “ok its working again”. But the most weird thing. If I restart my computer and load iRacing, the feedback is gone. If I load ACC and then go back to iracing then it works.

I have NO idea why. but this is where it stands now. SUPER weird. I have no idea what else to try. I formatted my PC twice, pulled the rig apart, check all cables.

And also tried this. Nothing changed :confused:

Are you using irFFB, try without.

Can you try if presssing reset FFB state in the last tab in True Drive, before starting iRacing, has any effect?

I do not use irFFB, just the default iRacing FFB.

I tried that too, @Mika but it made it even worse. No feedback at all.

Something I discovered here is:

If I turn on computer, start TD and start iRacing. Feedback is dead. I can turn the wheel with my finger, almost no road textures, nothing.

If I do the same, but open my TD and change anything in the Overall Strength, lets say 1% (less or more than original value), then the FFB is working again, perfect.

I have no idea why this is happening, but since my first message in the forum, that was the ONLY fix I found. I’ve been breaking my head since then. Pulled the rig apart, checked cables, formatted the pc and all hahaha

You’ve probably tried this already but what happens if you make a fresh profile with your original settings copied over?

I’ll connect again. I wrote in this topic, but no answer Simucube 2 pro losing ffb strength?.

I have Sc2 pro for about 3 years and my strength has decreased. I used to set in ir 75nm now I have to give 40. Can I find out if something is wrong or I have become so strong :wink:

The problem that Mediainvia is having, is very strange one. It is most likely some type of software issue on the PC. It would be very useful to know more about the configuration and other hardware you have.

We have had many Simucube 2 units that have been used for several years, from different production batches, and haven’t seen any force weakening. So any reports for that are of interest to us, we need to replicate the issue somehow.

Yeah, I tried but it doesnt work. Unless you create one and then adjust after you open the game, like I said before.

Yeah, Mika. Agree that is a very weird one. So here is the order of how things happened for you to have context:

  • iRacing launched new build last week. I download like always, started trying different cars.
  • Driving the new Merc GT3 I thought the car was handling a little different. Everything was normal but the car felt light mid corners. (probably just the way the car drives)
  • I thought, “why not update the TD and firmware just in case?” From here, everything went downhill. From being just a little light on mid-corners to the force feedback disappearing completely. Just reeeeeally light feedback overall even with max force in TD and iRacing. Something was definitely wrong.
  • After that I tried many things, downgrading TD and firmware, formatting PC more two times. Nothing seems to work, unless as said: entering TD and changing something in the Overall strength and save the profile again.

In terms of other softwares in the PC really not sure that could be a problem. I just use this pc for sim racing. And as I said I formatted the pc at least 2 times after the problem started. and I’ve been using the same PC for more that 2 years, with no problem.

Which FW did you downgrade to, did you try 2021.9 which is the last before major FW rewrite?

I can also say that if this is a firmware bug, we would have forums full of reports…

May be, but accidentally it happened after FW upgrade for OP.
Same as for @Robson, Simucube 2 pro losing ffb strength?

Wouldn’t hurt to try before sending unit in for RMA.

It cannot be due to firmware update - there are no permanent parameters in the device that would somehow corrupt from an update. All servo drive parameters (the drc file from Simucube 1 days) are always updated from the firmware binary on each device power-on. And the firmware binary is CRC32 checked.

Right now the one Im using this one:

2021.11 + hotfix
SC2 firmaware 1.3.1
TD version 1.3.2
Servo drive firmware 10831

I’m almost 100% I tried the 2021.9. Since I saw that downgrading was not helping I stopped trying any other TD + firmware combo. And seeing @Mika replied about this not being a firmware issue, not sure if worth trying.

It could be a coincidence that this happened after the update, but it’s weird that to happen in my point of view. I might do another test later today just to be sure and I will keep you guys posted.