SC2 Pro issue with profile on power on

I am on true driver version 1.3.10 and simucube software release of 2002.2

Recently received the simucube and have an issue where whenever I power on device the current loaded profile isnt used and in order to have my active profile work i need to click another profile to activate then reactivate original

My current steps are as follows

  1. Plug in USB
  2. Open True Drive Software
  3. Turn on Simucube via back button
  4. Pop out e-stop button

I have also tried other ways to turn it on

Does anyone know what steps are needed to turn it on?
Does truedrive need to be open whenever i use the wheel?

It seems like by default every time i turn on the simucube it defaults to read only safe profile

Same here. Would love to solve this.

Which software release is this? Have you set a default profile?

software release of 2002.2

I see an active profile but no way to set a default profile

Use the eye icon while hovering on the profile with mouse, then you will find set default in the menu bar.

Thanks worked like a charm. Was this documented anywhere cause setting it to default is pretty well hidden.