SC2 Pro - High Frequency Beeping Coming From Power Supply

I just mounted up and turned on my SC2 Pro and there is a high frequency, intermittent beeping noise coming from the power supply. When I turn the base back off the beeping turns to a continuous high frequency and does not go away. The only way to get it to stop is to unplug the power supply from my wall.
All drivers are up to date.
Below is a video of the beeps and continuous noise.


Additionally after playing around in True Drive, I noticed that every time I tried to turn the wheel the FFB would cut and I got fault ‘Undervoltage 140405’ and the frequency noises would continue.

I did notice that the frequency would go away when the wheel was turned to full lock in iracing. But as mentioned above, I would lose FFB in the process and the fault would be thrown within True Drive.

Is this a PSU issue?

Sounds like something is not right. I would open a support ticket at Granite for this.

Opened one a bit ago. Just waiting for response now. Just frustrating as I’ve waited a month to use this base after all rig parts finally arrived. No probably have to wait another week…

It’s frustrating and I feel your pain but they will sort you out ASAP

Good to know. Ive heard good things about their customer service!