SC2 Pro having problems recognizing wheel after driver update

using the Ascher racing f28-sc v2, wireless version.

Before this update, i never had problems connecting the wheel to the base.
After the update, Im lucky if i get it to connect fully. This happened 3 times to connect it out of 6-7 attempts.

It gets recognized, but never fully connected. I hear the notification when its picked up, but it gets sometimes disabled instantly.

Ill gladly provide any logs/info, whatever you need just please help to solve this.

Which software release did you use previously?

literally the previous version of the driver. I just installed the new ones and it started behaving weird.

2023.10.1 → 2024.1 → 2024.3 on saturday evening, from Simucube 2 True Drive releases - Granite Devices Knowledge Wiki

Ive read somewhere it might be the battery, ive ordered a new one to see if it will fix it. I thought the battery status that is shown via the UI is up-to-date live somehow, as ive seen the numbers change every now and then there. I think ive read your reply somewhere that its not the case.
Could it be that the battery is simply running low?

The SC2 pro is new more or less, I bought it a few months ago from you guys directly. This was my second driver update since then.

I think Ascher uses a battery that seems to give most grief. The base doesn’t have a reliable way of measuring the charge left and especially with Ascher there seems to be most false positives of charge left. I think in the later models they changed the battery to something else.

yeah battery change looks like it fixed the problem

For the Ascher wheels with the ER14250 / LR14250 battery that has 3.6 V voltage, there is no way to tell an empty battery as the voltage will show at 3.6 V even at empty.

You may try to use CR14250 battery, it has 3.0 V voltage but at least it will start to drop and you should change when you go under 2.9 V.